Building on his project – Between The Cracks previously shown in the 2023 Nature Festival, this new work by Haris Koutlakis, takes on a grander and more explicitly evolved exploration of the use of painted sculptural forms, to create a series of engaging and inspiring large-scale soft mountainous sculptural works.

Moving Mountains will consist of multiple large painted canvases, sewn together and draped over a series of suburban playgrounds in the City of Port Adelaide Enfield. The adaptable design allows for the work to be shown across multiple locations.

The project aims to give a new perspective to these sometimes forgotten suburban spaces as dynamic sculptural spaces of awe and wonder.

To be presented over two weekends as part of the 2024 Nature Festival.

Moving Mountains is a new work by OSCA as part of our Projects of the Everyday artist commissioning initiative.


October 2024

Project Partners

Arts South Australia
Creative Australia
Nature festival
City of Port Adelaide Enfield

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